Sunday, May 8, 2011

Momma Love

Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful mom! I have been living away from my mom for almost three years now but we have never been so close. I have learned so much from her. She has been such an amazing example to me in so many ways. After 40 years of being a mother she is still so devoted to her kids and hasnt once stopped giving her love and support to our family! I couldnt appreciate her more! I love you so much mom!

Now that I have another mother in my life I am lucky enough to have two incredible examples of motherhood. I have loved every minute of getting to know Brenda. We have only known each other for a short time but I feel like we have been in each others life for a very long time! I am so grateful to have her as my mother-in-law.

Greg got me an "early mothers day" gift! It couldnt have been more perfect. He got me a box of sour patch kids (one of my favorite candies) but that wasnt the great part. There were four little sour patch kids on the front of the box and he named them all the names we want to use! I am not a mother yet but I know when I will be, Greg is going to be the best husband and father!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hello sunshine

Greg and I love going home to San Diego to visit friends and family. The weather is perfect there too so that is a plus! We both were able to take some time off work and spend a week there, so this time we were able to do some fun things we normally don't have time to!

We were walking downtown and these people 
asked us if we wanted to be in an Italian gum commercial! 
We didnt have anything going on so we thought why not? They gave us free pizza and cash just to smile a lot and chew their gum in front of the camera. Our favorite guy was Mr. Moustache in the back, he loved the word beautiful and he was a sweetheart.

Kayaking for Gregs birthday

Night swinging with weird hair day Greg.

Biking around Coronado.
(Pictures taken by David)

    Surfin the gnar 
                         Best looking father in
                 law i know!

Cute Camryn!We love her and her great parents.
Torrey Pines

We couldn't have asked for a better week, and thank goodness for David and Brenda for taking such good care of us while we were in town. There are still so many fun things left for us to do but we're glad we were able to take a good chunk of fun things off our list! Let's just hope we can get down there again soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

birthday boy

Today is this guys birthday! We were able to take a vacation so we are celebrating his birthday in San Diego.  At the end of the week i will post about our trip but for now I want to brag about my husband. I have known Greg for a couple of years now and I can say that he keeps making my life better and better. We have only been married for 6 months but i have already learned so much from him. One day i asked him how he was so positive and he said everyday when i wake up i look forward to something that will make me happy that day. He is so content and happy with his life he rarely focuses on what he wants and is always thinking about what he has. He is so funny and is always making me laugh. I couldn't imagine my life with out him. He makes me so happy and i am so grateful for him.  I am so lucky i get to spend the rest of my life with him! 

Monday, February 28, 2011


In 5 days Greg and I are going to San Diego for a week! We have been so ready for a nice sunny break. We decided that we needed to get our bodys in shape and looking good for our trip, and we have been doing okay until we decided to have a combined party for mine and Gregs brithday! I went a little overboard with what I wanted to make.

From left to right: Strawberry and creme cake.  Homemade oreos. Ice cream cake. Lemom cake balls . Funfetti cakeballs.

Brandon and Jaimie spent the night before the party helping us get ready. While the boys were being boys, Jaimie and I baked most of the night!

The ice cream cake was a little suprise for Greg. It had a brownie crust, ice cream, chocolate ganache and 
was topped with whipped cream and cute little reeses cups.

Birthday Kids

This night couldn't have been any better. We had a bbq and everyone brought different dishes. We played games just dance and we all hung out. It was great.

Now that its the start of the week, Greg and I are back to getting in shape! Our fingers are crossed and the crunches have begun. Wish us luck! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jamie's Birthday

Last weekend was Jamie's 21st birthday! I know i am a week behind and people have already blogged and facebooked about this event but I dont care if I'm a little late! Jamie has been one of my best friends for as long as i can remember. She is so much fun and i couldnt imagine my life with out her. One day we will live on the same street and raise our cute little kids together!

Did I mention that she is one of the prettiest people i know?
Willi was the mastermind of this fun day.

After we went to dinner, they had a little get together at their house. It was so much fun and I love hanging out with all of these girls! 

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last Sunday our friends came up and we had an Italian potluck dinner. We had good food and we were in good company. To top of the night we played scattergories and  had a just dance competition. Greg was on his own team and still showed us all up! I'm just as suprised as you are.


more babes

cute love birds

even though greg won andy had the best moves of the night

sadley we didnt have pictures of this feast but there will be more potlucks to come!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear Dad...

{Dad }

I am not the most eloquent writer and I usually express my thoughts through pictures rather than words but I wanted to write something for my dad. January 5th 2009 was the day he passed away. It has been two years and I am still wondering where the time has gone? I was at my first day of hair school when I got the call from my brother Bryan. I can still remember every detail about that day. It was almost like I was frozen in time. Of course I didn't believe it at first. I knew it wasn't a cruel joke but I thought someone made a mistake. I kept waiting for someone to call back me and say he was okay. The drive to the airport was the longest drive off my life. There was a snow storm and the traffic was at a dead stop. My cousin Candace was the one driving. I was so grateful she was there. We made the flight to go back home. We got to the mortuary just in time so I could see my dad. They were delaying the time so I could see him before they had to take him away. I gave him one last hug and a kiss one the cheek and said goodbye. 

Its still so hard to believe that he is gone. When someone is that important in your life its very difficult to surrender your thoughts and tell yourself that it was a part of the plan. I do truly believe that i will see him again, I have no doubt in my mind but that didn't take away the pain of him being gone. I know it has been two years so it would seem to be less painful but sadly it was getting harder. I think for the first year we were kind of going through the motions not really understanding what had happened. Then slowly we realized this was a permanent change for this life time. 

For the longest time it was hard for me to remember the good memories with my dad and I would dwell on the things I should have done better when he was here. But through a lot of prayers and a testimony that was being strengthened I knew that my dad would only want me to be happy. He loved me so much and that was what he wanted me to remember. He was only in my life for 18 short years but he left me with memories that will last a life time. 

 I will always remember the things he taught me. He was one of the most selfless people I have ever meet. He always lead by his example and always taught with love. I am so blessed that I have a dad that was always there for me and cared for me. He really showed me the importance of family. There was never a time where my family was second in his life. He was very busy but he never complained. He always walked around with his head held high and a big smile on his face. He had a way of making any one feel better, his presence had a way of calming things down.

In every trial there will be blessings to come. Although I want him to still be here, I have learned so much in these past two years and I have had so many great blessings.

I met my husband, my best friend, the person who I love more than anything, Greg.
A family, through the darkest times, kept looking forward towards the light
Married into a family that has been so loving and welcoming
and a father in law that would do anything for me
having friends that live far away but always feel close
a heavenly father that knows and loves me
living in a time were the Gospel is so strong
continually learning and strengthening my testimony 

These are a few of the things that I am grateful for. There will be more trials to come but I know I can overcome anything if I have faith in the Lord and in His plan. Thank you to everyone that has helped me in my life.