Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last Sunday our friends came up and we had an Italian potluck dinner. We had good food and we were in good company. To top of the night we played scattergories and  had a just dance competition. Greg was on his own team and still showed us all up! I'm just as suprised as you are.


more babes

cute love birds

even though greg won andy had the best moves of the night

sadley we didnt have pictures of this feast but there will be more potlucks to come!


  1. i loved this night!!! we need to do it more often!! bring scatergories up on superbowl sunday so we can entertain ourselves!!

  2. Greg winning a dance competition? Wow, now that I would love to see. Maybe he and Cody can have a dance off. I cannot wait to see you kids again. I love you

  3. FUN! Except I should'a been there... :)